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3-6-2002 Also Copy for Vladimir Sizov, Olga and Hard Rock - he will know the Medium mentioned - she has shown that he is Prince Yousoupov reincarnated. My colleagues in the russian Union of Artists agree that this is definitely proved on him. Thankyou; Guevara-Sansom (Dr) Arts.
(1919 to 1991 - turning reality around. He owes something for a Zebra act as shown in a very famous painting by a colleague of mine - dedicated to Sizov after : 1993 situation. He'll understand)

Copy as sent to Mark @ Arise T.V.Re- events climaxing on Earth signs - Revelations - PUTIN on focus - see below.
to: Channel 4 T.V. - B.B.C. T.V. - Joe Adimov @ Voice of Russia - Konstantin Babkin @ W.P.S. Moscow - The Moscow Times.

First - thanks to Arise T.V. for new breakfast offerings - such an improvement on Big Breakfast stupidity for brain dead people. Thanks.

Earth signs are climaxing - the Medium taking messages has reports on recent events in U.K., Russia and South Africa.

I will explain all that was given : first - as per The Mirror headline - SVEN - "I want fire..." - 1-6-2002 - that arrived yesterday at Buckingham Palace (Rasputin is the Personna relating all information to the Medium at the moment) 2-6-2002.

He said that June is month 6 asnd that 6 is letter F on the Engloish alphabet. He said it is relevant - as matters lead up to his As IF day - I is letter 9; so he gives : 9-6 as his As IF day arriving - and all signs on the path will be explained.

He said that the fire at the Palace started as Ozzu Osbourne finished his rehearsal- he was the Black SABBATH symbol. Sunday Sabbath Day. He already showed that 666 is the actual standard rating of U.K. GOLD - money is the beast. Greed is the nature of the beast.
He explained that the Bible was only a reference manual for those who wanted to survive the Time Plan of 30 B.C. to 2030years.

He showed that : OZ is symbol of fulfillment of Dreams and are letters : 15 and 26 on English alaphabet line up in numbers. So, on a meaning 15 could show : 1-5 as a first day of May-hem to : Z=26 or 2-6 the day of the fire in the LOFT - or Lo! F.T. index point at idols who feast in the beast : Rock of Ages of millenium madness
(Everything is as he says to the medium - I won't keep repeating that): OS - the first part of Ozzy's name is a word meaning - BONE - to which we can read - RIB of man. bourne means : limits/boundary/goal/end - top be relevant to surreal Revelations concluding. It will develop on those lines. Ulrika had to sacrifice herself to prove to everyone that Sven is a traitor to all causes and not a man worthy in judgements.
She trapped him on her self-sacrifice. 2-6 is the Feast Day of St. Stepehen of Sweden. Ulrika was a Svengali over Sven.
I Svengali is a pun for her. Ven means - whine, in Swedish. Ga means - gauge/ Li means - link. So, by Magic Spell we can gauge a link to : IS ven-ga-li? Can we link to a whiner? Or for her pleasure : Sven-Gal-I? as a note on the press coverage.

He is an onus on us. He will not take us to Victory.
The English Team were seen not to sing the National Anthem on 2-6. There was no National Honour in their delivery. The National anthem is the People's national pride - it is not personal for Royal family. It is not good when a Team do not express National Honour. They are in privileged positions anyway. Their performance reflected their inner impulse - as Man of Beast comes to the fore.
Beckham had a Japanese Warrior's symbol painted on his boots. No-one may adopt a Warriors own symbol - Samurai made that clear. He did not honour the anthem either. As Captain, that is - vain. He got his ration of inner energy impulse. That all gave a, mostly, boring match.
Sol Campbell was the first to get to Beckahm to congratulate him on his goal in a previous match - Beckahm didn't get to Sol.
Rasputin told that : HANSIE CRONJE opened the month of June as a message for all HANSIE MEN'S behaviour.Han Siemens - is the same line-up given as a plug to Siemens (electrics). Han has a meaning.
Rasputin gave : Hansie Cronje Sus...Han-SIE- Cr. on Jesus. SIE in numbers on the english alphabet is : S-19 I-9 E-5 - 1995 - the year Cronje fell to corruption.
The light aircraft on M11 was another warning : junctions 9-10 - for a date on two Men : Che Guevara and John Lennon. More to follow on that. Today is : 3-6. Which can relate to 6 6 6 as 6- 3 times.
He made a lot of points about Paul McCartney. He spoke of the T.V. documentary about him. He told of a time when John Lennon was victimised by 'rumours' implanted about a homosexual event with Brian Epstein - just as Rasputin himself was set up in rumours, re: Prince Yousouv's evil mind and Che Guevara was - on more than one occasion by Fidel Castro re- his brother's homosexual life. He showed that Mr. McCartney had no references of great stature on his behalf - and that Dale Winton (win-ton lotto man) explained Paul's secret life in one quick reference to hold him as one of his own last night as did Phil Jupitus and Cilla Black. He said that not one of them are references worth having in real terms of any vision.
U.K. is the land of actual outcome. For a reason spanning all time and the corruptions legalised in this country over many centuries.
Blair is cited as the antiChrist and a man of Supremacy tendencies and magnetises to his own ilk - and is aided by women of his own ilk - such as Cherie Booth and Cilla Black - both of a patronising, nazi, outlook. He said it is the land of Babel connecting to Genesis 11 and Spell 189 (Book of the Dead) as corrupt people spin their way past justice with dominance of their own meanings in existence. The people of - blare reality. He said : Blair B - lair to part-trap. He showed that Laboratory Lab.Oratory was a pre-programmed trap.
He said that Russian news opened with a crash by Putin's securuty police on 1st June and a registration plate of meaning.H929.
Putin, on American T.V. insulted the 118 Men who perished in The Kursk; by making a joke about their fate. He explained the Kursk means The Sign, and is a town in Russia which got all major signs from 12th Century forward. So, from that he explained some secrets in hos own name which he chose for a purpose of Revelations moments:
RA is Sun God. RA's put in Rasputin. RA's Putin never - he never shares his vision with him.
Rasputin Fra - explains Rasputin as a Holy Man/Brother.
utin fra is a latin phrase meaning - Look Under - or to say : find another meaning. R is letter 18 on English alphabet - 18 is 6+6+6.
R - Asp - utin fra..look under : Rasputin fra to find more proof.
The ASP is his vision. He locked it at 30B.C. - to his own controls.
We live on two dimensions - Inner Universe and Outer Space. Outer Space is his S.P. ace - it was narrowed down to Earth as the Ark.
Inner Universe was locked to us at his moment - he shattered the Universal OM. That is the radio wave/electric magnetic internet which protects us. His reason was - to project 2030 motions, as years, of 'time' - to prevent a certain extinction. He explains the stories of Jesus and Mary as relevant to : Cleopatra and her real disaster.
She reappears as The Virgin - she would not rematerialise after 30B.C. moment. He said that some Russian visionaries understood all this. He said that we only access Inner Universe in - sleep motion - now - sleep is a momentum to tune us into his ID - he said he came as the Christ they all wanted in his Personna of Che Guevara. He left a proof in New Testament : Matthew Chapter 21 - verse 19 onwards. He 'touched' the 'fig tree' and it withered forever. Higuera is the spanish word for Fig tree. Che was slaughtered at Higuera : 1967 and AIDS became a new reality from that momentum. Che was his own Immacualte concept of his 'self' travelling' time in transmogrifying personna. He said that one Russian author : Bulgakov understood that. He said he is Akhanaten of Egypt.
He said that he has left many proofs. He controls all moments. The tapes of time are magnetic. When people 'see' images of those who have 'passed-on' - they are seeing electric projections from Inner Universe to Outer Space from the magnetic electric tapes of time.
He gave one proof about what happens to the evil : The Mirror published a photograph taken by a Thailand woman. She lives in Watford, England. She brought her 8year old nephew to London for a holiday. She took him on an underground train and took a photo of him.
When this was developed she had a shock - for, behind the smiling image of the boy was the clear image on a man in an electric chair - with the waves of electric pushing through his hands clearly visible.
Rasputin says we do not yet understand the secrets of electric. The photo was sent for analysis. No-one knew the answer to such an appearance on her photo. Many weeks later, this woman went to Madam Tusaud's - Baker Street. There she saw a wax model of that man - Bruno Hauptman - who had murdered Charled Lindbergh's baby son. Rasputin explains that the electric waves pushing through his hands were shown - to explain that : Hauptmann is now trapped TO the tapes of time - in the moment he left Outer Space reality - forever. What he did was that foul. Rasputin explained that the Sun is the 'hell' they think of - as discarded Spirits are magnetised to that. He said that Egyptians did explain that the Spirit - or BA - is an ELECTRIC Body. That is the phenomena they all continue to confuse and misunderstand.

He said he controls all psyche and that one name was preprogrammed to eject from brainwaves at the realisation of shock - Jesus Christ.
He said his powers are explained in Matthew : Chapter 21 - verse 22. He controls by brain impulse.
He said that 21 is letter U to form a meaning on his own magic spell : 2+1 = 3 = C. C=See. 1=A 2=B. From 21 he cane make : C - U - BA in Cuba? Infidel=Cheat. In Fidel Che at a meaning appears. Fidel Castro is the Apocalypse beast as cheat and fornicator to use and abuse to elevate himself. As do the idols of rock culture - at cult URE - live aid hypocrites around Midge URE writing Babel as script URE scriptures to trap people. He said that is why GNAT is in Bible and Koran - once - and as a warning on the Egypt connection.
Time stopped in 1997 - 30 years eclipsed his Che personna. JFK Jnr. met the next 17th July significance - after another crash of 17th July 1996 from Kennedy airport. 17th July is the date given in Genesis of the Ark coming to - ground again. He said his immaculate concept of himself was underway in 1927 - to eclipse that eclipse and that 72 years was an age he would have been approaching in 1999 - thus the next eclipse.1927 - 72 years. Information in formation in format ion - electric impulses gelling : as set at 30B.C.
I will close there - I am tired. He said that The Virgin is his Asp.
He said that Russia and America had enough signs and warnings.
He gives the fate of 118 Men of Honour perished in a terrible fate -
as another moment known to have been coming as the reason for June 2002. He said he had registrations re-GIST-rations all sorted before he set the clock at 0. The Car registrations of the man killed by Putin's security was : H929. H is letter - 8. 8-9 is the Feast day of The Virgin. 29 and 2-9 has other meanings related to her.
He also explained a plane coming out of Kennedy airport on 2nd September (9th month) - carrying Jonathan Mann and his 11 AIDS researchers - as the top team in the world - returning to Geneva - as relevant to a warning he left many times.
He said his final phenomena is a dreadful one - which is why the points were underscrored in the bible book.
Eve Guevara-Sansom (Dr) Arts - enclosed is my copyright - you can get in touch if you want to use any of it. 01375 373203 07947 145074

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